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Feb. 26th, 2018 08:00 pm
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Dec. 19th, 2013 08:31 pm
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Your Name: Katie
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: Death (Discworld), Chell [Redacted] and Princess Leia

This is vengence.....So I am to ferry you to Hell )
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Info bellow. Comment to be added if I've missed you 
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[She's getting irritated now. She was supposed to vanish, and they said she did. But she was still here.

Maybe this was hell.


A. Home: Ai is in the house, looking around for people.

B. A little girl just appeared in front of you. She's on her way to Sluggers house but she's trying to see if people can see her so she's randomly teleporting in front of people on the streets.

C. In the park. She's frustrated and annoyed and throwing fire at bushes.]
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[A. CEMETERY: And once again, Ai rises from the dead. Though with a stylish black dress this time. Hey undead breathrin

B. ANYWHERE IN Mayfield:  Does Ai care about your character? You're being stalked by a small girl with red eyes.

She see's you.

C. STREETS Do you not know Ai? There's a little girl with red eyes stalking people. Clearly you should try to reason with her.]
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[A. Ai looks happy. That is your first warning. She giggles at you as you walk.]

[B. Locked for Aaron. Ai meanwhile is in a pod somewhere. Someone should really get her out of her.]

[C. Okay there are two little girls fighting on the street. You might want to get out of the way. They're hard to kill, but the fire and black energy they're throwing at each other is real.

But which one is which? Want a hint?

One looks enraged and the other is smiling]

You are not me!

I'm not? That's a shame. People actually like me.
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[Ai has been following Kikuri's drone around recently. But she's starting to realize that the little girl isn't going to snap out of it. People who know Ai may have noticed that she's even quieter then normal.

Much quieter and absent.

She's spent the last two days, hiding in her room. But life goes on, and avoiding school ends up with you being droned. So on Friday....

A. Ai is at school. She's not paying attention to anything. Like where she's looking as she walks down the hallway. Trip on the little girl?

B. At the library. She's constructed a fort out of books and blankets in the children's section and is setting up the inside of her fort. You'll see a little girl either in the fort, or around the library with piles of books.

C. Under the cherry blossom tree in her front yard, patting her kitty. Watching the people who walk down the street. Hopefully you're not scared by creepy girls with blood red eyes staring at you as you walk.]
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[Ai opened her package from the mail and found...a few sets of clothing. It took her a moment to realize they were just some of the clothes she'd worn over the years, in her stakeouts. Odd. Oh well.

A. You can find Ai walking outside today, she's wearing the clothes in the icon. Along with the ballcap with her symbol on it. She's just kicking a can as she walks down the street.

B. At the park, do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? There is a little girl in a tree staring at you. That might be why.

C. Outside her house, picking up some of the fallen cherry blossoms and putting them in a basket.]
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Has anyone been here longer then two years?

[Ai  can be found in a few places today.

A. On her front steps, she's reading a  book she got back. If you can read Japanese you might be able to see the words 'Hell Girl' in the title.

B. In the park. Oh hey it's a little girl and some other people- ..and now it's just a little girl. /Ai is bored and a little homesick so she's working on her illusions again.
C. At the fountain in the park. She's sailing small paper boats around. Feel free to notice her doing that. Or watching one burn and sink.]
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[More confessions. Isn't Mayfield so much fun.]

....I killed my village in an act of vengeance, and I have lost track of how many people I have killed and sent to hell over the years. I have been killed twice at home by large groups of people. Every-time I try and help someone I end up paying for it. 

.....I emotionally tortured a little girl and showed her, her dead mother calling out for her because I wanted her to send her father to hell....because he was related to the person who helped kill me many, many years ago. 

Slugger and I accidently kissed and I didn't really mind it. 
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 [She's been doing a lot of thinking lately. Never a good sign. After that talk with Japan though, she needed to. She goes to the phones.]


How do you forgive people?

[Action: You can find Ai sitting on the steps of her house. She's just watching the street. And anyone who walks by. No this isn't creepy at all.....]
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 [Ai is back to normal, finally. She isn't human anymore. And it's a relief. You can find Ai in a few places today, just being herself.

A. The street is on fire.  ....okay no, it's not real fire and it's not the road. But a car parked on the street looks very much like it is on fire. Ai is practising her illusions. 

B. If you're walking by 1451 Mitchell Road you might hear some quiet singing, if you walk past the cherry tree and into the backyard, there is a small girl in a field of flowers. She seems to be singing to herself again. 

C. Sitting on the top of a telephone pole watching people walk by.

D. It's dark it's the middle of the night. There is a small girl wandering around town. Someone should tell her it isn't safe to be out so late]
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 [Ai had died.

Again. Frozen to death by diary products. Not a fun way to go. But then again, she was used to horrible deaths. They happened to her a lot.

Betrayed...also again. She couldn't trust people here. But she did. It was stupid, but she did.

And then, all that suffering, her friends. Saki.... Her emotions and just shut down. And then cracked open again as she let her hatred take over and attack the machine.

She wasn't sure what to feel. She wasn't sure if she should feel anything. People claimed that the good emotions would make up for the  bad ones. But then again, she supposed they assumed she would get good emotions.

A. You can find Ai walking through the town at night. Not really doing anything. Just walking.

B. In the daytime she is in her room. Leave her alone.]
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[She can't find Aaron. She can't find Aisling. They haven't been droned, they've just "vanished". Ai is remaining calm and looking around. She's noticed the strange statues. But seeing as she hasn't been so much as "walking" as teleporting large distances, she's been able to avoid them so far.

A. Do you know Ai? Are you still in town? If you know her, Ai is trying to check up on you. Which is why she's appeared right beside you.

B. At the towns boundaries, trying to figure out if anything's changed.

And then, after listening to the phones for a while.]

I can teleport if anyone needs to get to safety.
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 [Ai looks at the phone for a while before picking it up.]

How do you deal with horrible memories from very long ago?


Ai is sitting on the grass under the cherry tree in her yard. She seems to be piling stones up again singing a song quietly to herself.]


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